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"Loon" is a graphics/audio/input API for Lua with a focus on making games. Loon is designed to simplify the task of making games by taking care of various key components such as the rendering pipeline, collision detection, navigation and so on, while freeing the developer to work on the game logic. 

Written in C, the core Loon engine runs as an executable (currently Windows Vista/7/8 only). Game scripting is done using the Lua language, which simplifies the process of creating game entities and handling logic. Creating a new Loon project is as simple as placing a file called start.lua in the scripts folder, and ensuring that this file contains at the least the two functions start() and run()

start() will be called once the engine is initialized. Here you should set up any required data. Once the start function is complete, the game will enter the update loop, calling the run() function once per frame. Here you process all your game logic, etc. In-engine Collisions are handled using a callback system.

Begin learning about Loon by examining the sample code in the scripts folder, and checking out the API Reference .

Tutorials eventually!

Downloading and InstallingEdit

A small demo game using the Loon API is available from the following link:

You may freely create your own game by replacing the Lua scripts in the /scripts folder with your own. Please note this is an older build of the API. A newer version which includes texturing and physics will be coming soon.

Please note currently only Windows Vista/7/8 are supported.

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